Power Me Up Energy is a Texas-based independent energy management and consulting service firm to large commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental clients.

Pricing Break Down

  • Provide unbiased energy consultancy.
  • Procure energy through a competitive RFP process.
  • Structure price, negotiate terms and conditions of supply contract.
  • Manage portfolio on an ongoing basis, providing risk management and supplier issue resolution.
  • Continuous market advisory service of natural gas.
  • Evaluate value of operational flexibility in real-time.
  • We act as the owner’s representative.
  • Every program is customized to suit the needs of each client’s unique usage and demand profile. From Fixed to Heat rates or LMP products.
  • Fixed Price will not be exposed to market variations.
  • Budget certainty.
  • Price is 100% dependent on market conditions at the time of purchase.
  • Heat rate products allow customers to float the natural gas market and take the last day settlement price, which is used to calculate the resulting power price.
  • Customers have the ability to lock natural gas prices based on the then current forward NYMEX NG futures prices.
  • Natural gas locks can be in various forms.
  • Multiple months.
  • Increments of 25% of total volumes, up to 100% of volumes.
  • Target natural gas price locks can be established as “standing orders” to trigger a gas lock automatically if the market trades down to that predetermined level.
  • LMP over periods of time, may offer lower cost, however there is significant risk because you will not know your price until after your energy is consumed.
  • Budget uncertainty.

Power Me Up Energy is proudly serving over 393 deregulated Texas cities, such as Houston, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Deer Park, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Irving, Mc Allen, Midland, Plano, Roanoke, Round Rock, Spring, South Padre Island, Sugar Land, Temple, Texas City, Tyler, Waco, West Columbia & Victoria.

Reliable Commercial Energy Solutions

Let’s partner together with your business to deliver commercial energy solutions. At Power Me Up Energy in Richmond, Texas, we represent the leading commercial energy providers. We offer special pricing for yearly usage above 200,000 kWh. Please fill out this letter of authorization (LOA). I’ll use this information to receive pricing from three to five Reps.

We offer forward pricing 12 month’s out to provide you with the best contract rate. Customers appreciate my exceptional deals with forward pricing options.

The services I offer are approved by ERCOT in Texas. Do you have questions about your bill or contract? Power Me Up Energy is always ready to help and take responsibility for your needs.

Standard Letter of Authorization for the Request of Historical Usage Information

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